»Waypoint Project apply

Command: waypoint project apply

Create or update a project.


Usage: waypoint project apply [options]

»Global Options

  • -plain - Plain output: no colors, no animation.
  • -app=<string> - App to target. Certain commands require a single app target for Waypoint configurations with multiple apps. If you have a single app, then this can be ignored.
  • -workspace=<string> - Workspace to operate in.

»Command Options

  • -from-waypoint-hcl=<string> - waypoint.hcl formatted file to load settings from. This can be used to read settings from a file. Additional flags will override values found in the file. Note that any settings in the file will NOT be merged with what is already in the server; they will overwrite the server.
  • -waypoint-hcl=<string> - Path to a waypoint.hcl file to associate with this project. This is only necessary if a waypoint.hcl is not committed alongside the project source code. If a waypoint.hcl file does not exist in the project source then this waypoint.hcl file will be used. This file will not be validated until an operation is run against the project; this is done on purpose since the waypoint.hcl file may depend on files in the source repository.
  • -data-source=<string> - The data source type to use (currently only supports 'git' or 'local'). Associated data source settings (such as flags starting with '-git') will not take effect unless the appropriate data source is set with this flag.
  • -git-url=<string> - URL of the Git repository to clone. This can be an HTTP or SSH URL.
  • -git-ref=<string> - Git ref (i.e. branch, tag, commit) to clone on new operations.
  • -git-auth-type=<string> - Authentication type for Git. If set, must be one of 'basic' or 'ssh'. Basic auth is username/password and SSH uses an SSH key.
  • -git-username=<string> - Username for authentication when git-auth-type is 'basic'. For GitHub, this can be any value but it must be non-empty.
  • -git-password=<string> - Password for authentication when git-auth-type is 'basic'. For GitHub, this should be a personal access token (PAT).
  • -git-private-key-path=<string> - Path to a PEM-encoded private key for 'ssh'-based auth.
  • -git-private-key-password=<string> - Password for the private key specified by git-private-key-path if the key requires a password to decode. This is not required if the private key doesn't require a password.
  • -poll - Enable polling. This is only valid if a Git data source is supplied. This will watch the repo for changes and trigger a remote 'up'.
  • -poll-interval=<string> - Interval between polling if polling is enabled.
  • -app-status-poll - Enable polling to continuously generate status reports for apps. This is only valid if a Git data source is supplied.
  • -app-status-poll-interval=<string> - Interval between polling to generate status reports if polling is enabled.