»Waypoint Remote Runners

Waypoint utilizes "runners" to execute Waypoint operations remotely. Runners are responsible for performing builds and deploys, polling projects for changes, and more.

Waypoint automatically installs a single runner by default when the Waypoint server is installed with waypoint install. This lets you get up and running with runners out of the box quickly. Additional runners must be ran manually.

»Disabling Runners

Runners can be disabled if desired. With runners disabled, Waypoint executes all operations via the local CLI (even when communicating with a remote server).

»Unavailable Functionality

With runners disabled, certain functionality becomes unavailable:

  • Remote operations
  • Git polling

In addition to disabled functionality, consider that all clients must now have proper credentials for the target platforms (such as AWS, GCP, etc.) since without runners they must execute all operations locally.

»Disabling Runner Installation

Prior to installation, runners can be disabled by specifying the -runner=false flag to the waypoint install command. This will not install a runner.

To uninstall a runner that is already installed, the only option today is to uninstall and reinstall Waypoint with a data snapshot and restore. You may also manually go into your platform and delete the runner, but Waypoint can't automate this for you today.