»Upgrading to Waypoint 0.2.0 from 0.1.x

Waypoint 0.1.x can be upgraded to Waypoint 0.2.0 using a standard upgrade. There are no breaking changes in the protocol or waypoint.hcl configuration file. All Waypoint components (CLI, entrypoint, and server) are forwards and backwards compatible but we encourge users to upgrade all components to 0.2.x over time.

»Other Considerations

»Server Image

waypoint install uses the hashicorp/waypoint:latest container image for Kubernetes, Nomad, and Docker. When upgrading, your platform may require you to pull the latest image instead of using a cache.

Kubernetes and Nomad both specify an "always pull" policy for :latest images so restarting the Deployment or Job should pull the latest released version. Docker may require an explicit docker pull and container recreate.

»Verifying the Server Version with the UI

You can verify the server version by loading the UI and looking at the footer. You should see a version starting with v0.2. If you see an earlier version, your platform may be using an old cached image.

Server Version in the UI

»Verifying the Server Version with the CLI

You can verify the server version using the following CLI command and inspecting the log output in the CLI. This command is not a mistake, we don't have a better way in Waypoint 0.1.x or 0.2.0 to describe the server version. Therefore, we try to exchange a purposely invalid token with the verbose flag (-v) in order to see the server version advertised.

$ ./waypoint token exchange abcd1234 -v                                           Thu Dec 10 18:48:30 2020
2020-12-10T10:48:33.951-0800 [INFO]  waypoint: waypoint version: full_string="Waypoint v0.1.4-481-g5db76632 (5db76632+CHANGES)" version=v0.1.4-481-g5db76632 prerelease= metadata= revision=5db76632+CHANGES
2020-12-10T10:48:33.951-0800 [INFO]  waypoint.server: attempting to source credentials and connect
2020-12-10T10:48:33.980-0800 [INFO]  waypoint: server version info: version=v0.2.0-177-ed413ab93 api_min=1 api_current=1 entrypoint_min=1 entrypoint_current=1
2020-12-10T10:48:33.980-0800 [INFO]  waypoint: negotiated api version: version=1
! An invite token is required.
  Run `waypoint token invite` to generate an invite token.

In this output, find the line starting with server version info and verify that the version key has a version starting with v0.2. If it starts with an older version, your platform may be caching the Waypoint Docker image.