»registry Stanza

Placementapp -> build -> registry

The registry stanza configures the result of a build to be pushed to a registry such as a Docker Registry, Artifactory, etc. A registry is used to make the result of a build available to the deployment platform.

Registries are optional. Please see the documentation on the registry phase of the Waypoint lifecycle for examples of when a registry is necessary and the behavior of Waypoint without a registry specified.

app "frontend" {
  build {
    use "docker" {}

    registry {
      use "docker" {
        image = "example.com/my-app"
        tag   = gitrefpretty()

      hook {
        # ...

»registry Parameters


  • use (use) - The plugin to use for pushing an artifact to a registry.


  • hook (hook: nil) - Hooks to execute before and/or after the artifact is pushed to the registry.