»variable Stanza


The variable stanza declares a variable and makes it available for use in other stanzas in the config. Read more about defining and using variables here.

variable "key" {
  # ...
variable "key" {  # ...}

Multiple variable stanzas can be specified; there is no limit to the number of variables you can define for your configuration.

variable "image" {
  # ...

variable "tag" {
  # ...
variable "image" {  # ...}
variable "tag" {  # ...}

Supply a value to a specified variable with one of the following methods:

  • the default value in the definition block
  • the parameter -var key=value
  • the parameter -var-file=filename, where filename is the name of a file with variable values
  • an environment variable prefixed with WP_VAR_
  • a file of variable values with the suffix .auto.wpvars
  • the Waypoint UI

»variable Parameters


  • default (string: "") - Sets a default value for the variable. Must be set to null if no value is set by other sources.

  • type (string: expression) - A type constraint to apply to values for the defined variable.

  • description (string: "") - A short summary documenting what the variable is and its purpose.