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The artifact variable can be used to reference information about built artifacts. This can be used to access information such as the name and tag of a built Docker image, or the AMI of a built EC2 machine image.

The exact fields within an artifact variable are dependent on the plugin used for the build and the available fields are documented alongside plugins.

»Example: Docker

The example below uses the artifact variable to reuse the Docker image name from the build when pushing it to a registry. This configuration makes it so that if the build name is changed, it will also automatically change for the registry without having to modify the configuration.

app "web" {
  build {
    use "docker" {}

    registry {
      use "docker" {
        image = artifact.image
        tag = gitrefpretty()

The example uses the artifact.image value which is the image name (without a tag). Other fields such as artifact.tag and artifact.name (the full name with the tag) are also available. For the full list of available fields, see the Docker plugin documentation.