»entrypoint Variable

Placementapp -> deploy

The entrypoint variable contains important information about the Waypoint Entrypoint, such as the required environment variables that must be set for proper entrypoint behavior.


Type: map<string,string>

These are the environment variables that must be set on startup for the entrypoint to function properly. You do not normally need to use this because deployment plugins will automatically set these environment variables in most cases.

This is useful for manual configuration in cases where the platform may not do it automatically (for example, if you specify a custom set of YAML files for Kubernetes).

»Example: Kubernetes

The example below shows how we can configure the Kubernetes plugin with the required environment variables. Note: this is not necessary since the Kubernetes plugin automatically does this. This is just shown as an example for illustrative purposes.

app "web" {
  deploy {
    use "kubernetes" {
      static_environment = merge({
        MY_CUSTOM_VAR = "hello, world"
      }, entrypoint.env)

This example sets some custom variables and uses the merge function to merge in the Waypoint Entrypoint environment variables as well.